Beach Mornings


IMG_8782 copy

The power of the ocean is certainly not in short supply. Beach mornings are a chance to re-energize and find peace. Often times, the hubby and I will bring our kiddos (four-legged beasties) down to the “Northend” of the beach, where the locals prefer to go. No offense to travelers, but locals usually avoid tourist-y spots, and this is a necessity here.

The salt in the air hits you as soon as you get out of the car. You breathe it in deeply, letting any chill in the air hit the back of your throat. You just want ALL that lovely ocean air to get deep in your lungs. The roar of the waves calls to you from over the sand dunes. You traverse the walkway until you can see past the beach fronds and across the yards of sand. The waves crest and fall, spraying the seagulls and pelicans with happiness. You’ve found your sanctuary.

We go early, to catch the sun rise up over the horizon in the mornings. Sometimes we see strange creatures, sometimes we find random bits of goodness the surf has pushed inland, and then sometimes we catch fabulous sights over the water. The beach holds magic, and its glorious to feel as though you captured some for yourself.

And if I’m lucky, I found a lovely shell to take home.

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