There was a photo challenge asking what my Happy Place is.  More specifically, the photo challenge asked where I go to get my “groove back”.  Recharging batteries – the mental ones – is such an important idea and something none of us do as often as we really should.

I noticed that there are companies in Sweden switching to 6 hour workdays, and there are companies in the United States now providing unlimited vacation.  Businesses in Europe have been participating in “siestas” for as long as I can remember.  We all need to remember to “find the time” and just relax.  To let go of the stress and the worry.  Sometimes taking a daytrip to a beautiful place, or even just an hour in your own neck of the woods, can be very powerful on our psyche.

I enjoy many places.  My husband loves the ocean and places far away from humanity.  I love the mountains and the woods, but most importantly the trees.  To quote Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, “We’ll find safety and solace in the trees.”  I find this to be one-hundred percent true.  Trees create their own music, they creak with age and exude a powerful knowledge of what used to be.

A Happy Place

So here is my happy place.  Where is yours?

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